Type 2 Diabetes



You can make a difference – help others like you

Millions of people have type 2 diabetes

Like you, many of them know that diabetes is not an easy disease to manage.  Over time different medications will be needed to maintain good blood sugar control and avoid serious complications.

Heart disease is also a concern for people with type 2 diabetes. Your risk of dying from heart disease is 24 times higher compared to people without diabetes.

Presently Heights Doctor’s Clinic, 325 W. 20th Street Houston TX 77008 is looking for participants for a large clinical trial named DEVOTE. The trial is conducted to determine whether or not a new investigational basal insulin impacts the patients’ risk of heart disease. DEVOTE will include 7,500 patients in around 20 countries. It starts in late 2013 and will run for up to 5 years

To Be Considered

  • Be 50 years or older
  • Have type 2 diabetes and heart disease/risk of heart disease

or chronic kidney disease

  • Be willing to attend frequent site visits and phone contacts


Participants in this trial will receive regular health checks and medical testing, access to trial medication at no cost and blood sugar testing equipment as well as  compensation  for their  time and travel.

For more information with no obligation, please call the diabetes research team at 713-868-4711 or 713-868-4433 for an informal discussion.


OTHERS WITH TYPE 2 DIABETES                              ‘


Heights Doctor’s Clinic 325 W. 20th Street Houston TX 77008 Is seeking people With type 2 Diabetes and heart disease or risk factors_ for heart disease Or chronic kidney disease for a clinical trial named DEVOTE.

DEVOTE is a global diabetes trial and it will run for up to S years,

The trial is conducted to determine whether or not a new investigational

Basal insulin impacts the patients’ risk of heart  disease