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For Gout Screening: call 713 868-4433 and ask for Robyn. We perform a free medical exam and half off for uric acid blood test.


What are clinical trials?  

These are programs where the public can participate in new medication studies.  Sometimes these are new medicines that have been just released into pharmacies or not yet released.  The studies are safe because they are closely monitored by the pharmaceutical company, the Food and Drug administration and Dr Carlos Herrera.  Dr Herrera has 25 years experience in performing clinical trials.

Heights Doctor’s Clinic provides their patient population with the opportunity to participate in clinical research trials. We offer trials on various diseases. These studies allow our patients to be closely monitored by all involved parties and the participants could possibly benefit from cutting edge medications.


We are constantly reviewing new research trials so if you don’t see one you may qualify for now, make sure you check back with us often!


If interested in any of our clinical trials, please contact Robyn Wilson or Christina Valdez at 713-868-4711 or by email at    or


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